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Computer Designed Organisms · Xenobots 3.0 on the BBC World Service.

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Computer Designed Organisms · Swimming, Replicating, Living Machines

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Computer Designed Organisms · BBC Science in action: "self-replicating biobots" (w/ Sam Kriegman & Mike Levin)


Living robots made in a lab have found a new way to self-replicate, researchers say

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Scientists Create ‘Living Machines’ With Algorithms, Frog Cells

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These living robots made of frog cells can now reproduce, study says

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‘Amazing science’: researchers find xenobots can give rise to offspring


What on earth is a xenobot?


World’s first living robots can now reproduce, scientists say

Tiny living Pac-Man robots have learned how to reproduce

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Scientists unveil ‘Pac-Man’ living robots

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Scientists made tiny xenobots out of frog cells. Now they say those robots can reproduce

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World’s first ‘living robots’ start to reproduce

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Xenobots that self-replicate created by scientists

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Living robots that are capable of self-replicating created in US lab

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Why we are living in an era of unnatural selection

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Pac-man made from frog cells may solve plastic pollution


AI Just Designed The World’s First Living Robot That Can Make Babies

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Researchers behind the world’s first living robot have found a way to make it reproduce

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World’s First Living Robots Can Now Reproduce, Say Scientists

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World’s first living robots can now reproduce, scientists say

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100 years of robots: How technology — and our lives — have changed


Daily briefing: Multicellular living robots build their own offspring

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Living robots made from frog cells can replicate themselves in a dish

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Here are our favorite cool, funny and bizarre science stories of 2021

Tiny living machines called xenobots can create copies of themselves

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‘Living robots’ can self-replicate, furthering hope for regenerative medicine

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Scientists Unveiled the World’s First Living Robots… Now, They Can Reproduce

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The Uncanny Valley of Xenobots


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Xenobots, the World’s First Living Robots, Are Now Capable of Reproducing

Robots built from frog cells have unlocked the ability to self-replicate

Meet xenobots, tiny machines made out of living parts

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‘Xenobot’ Living Robots Can Reproduce

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Pac-Man-shaped blobs become world’s first self-replicating biological robots


Mesmerizing Video Shows How Tiny ‘Living Robot’ Xenobot Cells Reproduce


Xenobots: the Age of Biological Robots


World’s first living robots “Xenobots” can now reproduce